Recap Of Fast And Furious, New Look Of Fast And Furious 8 Agent Hobbs & Release Date, Cast, News

Fast and Furious was a series of film and till now its 7 parts are released and now the team of Fast and Furious was working on its eight part, Fast and Furious was a full of action and car racing film in Fast and Furious film sets a concept of street racing in public mind and tells the world that how street racers survive and why they become criminals and if they even wants to do good deeds society rejects them and they are tagged as criminals.


In Fast and Furious second series the story was totally different in this part that cop Paul Walker was a secret agent and his friend was a criminal who help Paul Walker for his own sake but these two are working for government in arresting the criminals and they successfully achieve their goal.

Fast and Furious third series was totally about drifting and the underworld of Japan in this series the story of a race loving person was described that how he becomes a king of Japan’s underworld and a un beatable drift racer it is the only series in which Paul Walker was not performing.

In Fast Furious fourth series we see the life of Paul Walker as an agent and Vein Diesel as a criminal and Paul was send to arrest the Diesel along with his group but Paul falls in love with Diesel’s sister Mia and left his job as a cop and become a criminal with Diesel and these both two become brothers.

Fast and Furious fifth series is that series in which Dwayne Johnson was appeared as Agent Hobbs, Dwayne Johnson was a former WWE Wrestler and a 13 times World Champion, in starting he gives a very tough time to Vein Diesel but after some time Hobbs become lenient and allow Vein for the crime and help him in the robbery.

In fast and Furious Six the whole family of criminals was separated as they got so much money and enjoyed their own lives but then Dom calls every body for his help and they all are combined and even crash a plain down.

In Fast and Furious seven series there comes a killer who wants to kill this group and successfully killed Haung and there is an amazing twist in this film that this group of criminals works with Intelligence Forces and amazing actions were performed but the sad news was that Paul Walker was dead in a car accident during the shooting of this film.

Now it’s time for the eighth part of this awesome series in this series that group was going to do an awesome crime with great actions and for this film the new look of Dwayne Johnson was released he becomes a dangerous Cop having goatee beard and muscular body and his this look was come on screen on May 28 2016, this film was going to be released on April 14 2017.

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