Real Madrid Becomes 11th Time Champion In UEFA League 2016 Against Atletico

Real Madrid Club is Royal Madrid football club and this club commonly known as Real Madrid or Real, actually Madrid was a city in Spain and Real Madrid was a Professional football club and this club produces the world best football players like Ronaldo.


This club was found on 06 March 1902, 144 years before, now the chairman of this world famous club is Florentino Perez and the head coach was Zinedine Zidane , the uniform of this club is in Three colous and every color is for specific reason.

The football team of Real Madrid Club is most valuable team in the football universe the worth of this club is €2.5 billion ($3.4 billion) and most amazing factor is that this club was highest earning club in year 2013-2014 and its net worth was €549.5 million in that era, this club supports the football team in the entire world.

In 2016 Real Madrid wins the match against Atletico, the final of UEFA League and Real Madrid become the champion for 11th time and created the history, the whole match between Real Madrid and Atletico was on fire no one predict that who is going to win this match.

At the last everyone was thinking that Real Madrid is going to lose this match but at the end of the match God gives a chance to Real Madrid to take that Trophy away from Atletico by providing a plenty shoot to Real Madrid and Ronaldo was chosen by the team to play that shot and Ronaldo played that shot and Real Madrid become winner for the 11th time.

From the last two years Real Madrid was unable to win the series but this year they seriously showed their efforts and become winners some important factors that helped Real Madrid in winning are Shutting down the counters, Incredible Luck, Aerial Prowess and having faith in their Coach these are the factors on which Real Madrid worked and focused and become a UEFA League Champion.

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