Pro-Brexit Protest Outside The Parliament Scaled Down After Thousands Of Demonstrator Attempt Fails To Turn Up

The Pro-Brexit protest that timed to coincide with Chancellor outside the Parliament scaled down after thousands of demonstrators failed to turn up, the very small number of demonstrators have disappointed.


Thousands of demonstrator pledged to protest against the High Court ruling on the Article 50 although the organizer of the protest held a wild enough arrangement protest against the Parliament as they invited more than 15,000 individuals.

It supposedly the hardcore protest event but there are only 2,000 people who agreed on a plan to mark their attendance in the protest, the condition become more definable when fewer 100 demonstrators seen at sight where organizer held the event for 15,000 people.

Actually, the withdrawal of United Kingdom from European Union is commonly known as Brexit that can be read as “British Exit”, as by the following of referendum of June of current year the 52 percent of votes was in favor of leaving the house of European Union while the rest of the percentage people voted in favor staying in the European Union.

The Prime Minister Theresa May previously announced about their ejection from European Union as they intended to invoke the Article 50 of the treaty of EU.

The supposedly major protest of thousands of demonstrators was timed to coincide with the Chancellor Philip Hammond’s Autumn who released a statement that the world’s local and global medias are covering the each and every sight of the event that has given the exposure to the hard voices of 52 % people.

The situation comes after the High Court ruled the Parliament and legal case brought by the campaigners which involved the names of an investment manager Gina Miller. However, organizers once again appealed to come together once again to stand up for democracy.

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