Prime Minister Of UK Rejected Petition Calling For Trump State Visit

U.K: The petition was started when prime minister Theresa May Visited Washington few days ago when Trump took his charge as US President on that time he invited Trump to visit Britain State, but suddenly British government responded, opposite to their saying first.


They said that it recognizes the strong views shown by the many signatories of this petition, but because of some reason it does not support it the new statement added by British is that, British Government believe that Trump should be extended the full thankfully of a state visit.

In the U.K past it was never seen that U.K invite any new U.S president for a visit of state, until towards the end of their first term so the call to Trump from U.K prime minister is showing the importance of the U.K and U.S states relationship.

Desires of U.K comes forward after the break which U.K take for the visit of Trump to their country first desire is about the trade U.K government want quickly negotiate a trade deal with U.S because U.K are going to leave European Union.

In news thousands of people across the U.K came out for protest against Trump visit to U.K, people of U.K demanded that not to invite Trump for full state visit of U.K after the response of people, government said that we believe the President of the United State should be extended the visit of U.K.

U.K government also said that we are looking forward to welcoming Trump once dates and arrangements are finalized, Speaker of the Commons, John Bercow, has received a backlash with his own Party after giving a statement about US President he said that “Trump should not be allowed to address Parliament because of racism.

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