President Donald Trump Expected To Sign New Travel Ban Order Today On Monday

News of the day it is going to be a big day again as according to the local new report of US, president of America is going to sign a new order about the ban some countries to visit US.


Six Muslim countries going to ban instead of seven last times Supreme Court canceled the application from Donald Trump against the visitors to America of Muslims countries it was because to saved US from terrorism.

Order is going to be same as it was before with some changes President is going to sign new plan today according to which for thirty days six Muslim Countries are going to be ban no one be able to get visa or even from these six countries no one can apply for US visit.

In another news report in new order it is expected that the Iraq remove from the list of ban Muslim countries for 90 days as because Iraq was very near to America in fight against ISIS terror army.

Other six Muslim countries are going to remain ban for 90 days including Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen according to the local spokes man of US, the new order is come out with in the month after the canceled order of Donald Trump by the Supreme Court.

From the month of January Trump was trying to ban seven Muslim countries because of the terrorism, trump said he was trying to defend US from the terrorists for that first he ban seven countries.

After some time America give relaxation to Iraq consider it as well wisher as it helped a lot US in fight with ISIS other six countries ban for 90 days as well as refugees for one-twenty days where’s the Syrian is ban permanently.

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