Playstation Plus June 2016 Free Games List Predictions And Rumors

Now we are very close to the next month and no doubt May is a very awesome month for the gaming world after a very harsh and dry month of April, now the plus members of Play Station Universe are demanding for free games and they created a Tropico 5.


it is list of five Play Station games which are played in PS3, PS4 and the plus members are demanding to make these five games free for the players now we are waiting for that Sony to deal with AAA as it is a gigantic month for E3 in the calendar of gaming, and the list of top 5 games which are demanded to be free in the coming month are,

1: Resident Evil HD Remaster
In these past couple of months this game Resident Evil Remaster was a blockbuster game and this game is fit for this list this game has been released about a year ago and now this year comes to June but till now this game was not free we have to buy it, this game provides you a great adventure and thrill in killing Zombies now its upon AAA that what will they do now and after couple of months they are planning to realize the game Resident Evil 2 and their plain is to make a series of Resident Evil and till now they have planned that their series will goes to Resident Evil 7.

2:Watch Dogs
Watch Dogs was lined up in the free games list of April and then also in May and let’s see what will happens in June many people said that they have ended the game and not enjoyed much at that moment we predict that now there will be no further part of this game will come in June but the E3 decide to call back Commander Rearmed in Watch Dogs 2 but the suggestion of plus members was that they have to make Watch Dogs 1 free if they want the promotion of Watch Dogs 2 because public will play Watch Dogs 1 and become curious and start buying Watch Dogs 2 and it is a very good way to do business.

3: Infamous Second Son
Infamous Second Son is another game which is choose by the members of plus to put this game in the list like other Infamous games are placed actually Infamous Second Son is round about two years old game and now it is not possible for us to sell as much copies as we sell in last two years if we put an eye on the sale of PS4 of last year very few costumers buy this game and we noticed that E3 is not interested to create a series of Infamous Second Son so, the plus members asked to make this game for free in this way the costumers will also become happy and their market value will not be downed.

4: Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture
Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is that game which comes out on last summer on PS4 but as a matter of fact where some people liked this game many people disliked this game because many people don’t like to play with Walking Simulators that simulates an environment for the purpose of training, regardless day by day this game was losing its importance and its rate of selling are coming down so the members of plus authority was giving the suggestions that they have to shift this game on Play Station on the other hand Galak-Z was the game of same promotion era but the rates of this game was increasing day by day.

5: The Evil Within
This is another and the last game which was added by the plus members to make it free The Evil Within is an awesome game developed by Bethesda and Tango, this is one of the best horror games on play station but the reason was that this game was launched in year 2014 and in two years it has dropped a lot of prices but this game is one of that games about which we can say that this game will compete with Resident Evil and according to plus members the developers are thinking to make a sequel of this magnificent game this game also has some DLC packs if they free this game their sale will increase on DLC because fan following of this game will increase if we make it free.

These are the 5 games which are lined up by the plus members of Play Station but till now Sony was also working on the list and see what will be the finalized list by the authority released in the month of June but till now this is finalized list of games which are suggested to E3 and Sony to make it free.

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