Plane Crash In Southern Chile 4 People Dead

A plane crash in Southern Chile killed 4 people on Sunday near Laquecahue airfield in the Bio Bio region at 1700 GMT approximately.


According to sources A plane was crashed on Sunday near Laquecahue airfield in the Bio Bio region at 1700 GMT approximately killed 4 peoples including a women and three man. The crash occurred due to trouble in the landing of the plane.

According to Humberto Toro, the governor of Arauco, he said plane met with an accident and 4 persons died including women and three man due to some problem in plane landing.

According to the governor of Arauco, the plane crashed because of region’s high wind. he said “the weather we’re having is rather complex, there was a lot of wind, and so travel conditions were not good and at the moment when (the plane) was landing it crashed.”

He also said that the pilot was experienced and had fly aero plane much time on this route from Island to the mainland. The aircraft was owned by a private company and flying to Mocha Island-Tirua route which is about 720 kilometres, about 445 miles at south of Santiago

According to sources, Carabineros which is Chile’s national police force identified the persons including Pilot and 3 other persons which were all resident of Island. The names of the victims are also out.

The pilot Boris Schultz Faundez, and three other victims naming Leticia Guzman Pincheira, Franklin Moya Herrera and Gilberto Varela Guzman. The exact reason for Plane crash is not confirmed yet but police are trying to investigate the cause of this plane crash.

The plane crashes are increasing day by day in the last days of 2016 a plane crash occurred in Pakistan in which 48 people were killed, while one Plane of Russia also crashed which took the life of 92, peoples.

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