Philippines, 160 Intimates Escaped In Jailbreak At Kidapawan

Almost 160 intimates escaped from the jail in the southern Philippines after suspected Muslim rebels attacked the jail. This incident took place before sunrise on Wednesday, six peoples are killed down by the security forces response, according to officials.


Supt. Peter John Bongngat Jr, Acting Provincial Jail Warden said that an intimate was wounded in an initial gun war when dozens of gun men attacked North Cotabato District jail in Kidapawan.

This is most probably is one of the largest jailbreak this year. Kidapawan city is about 930 kilometres’ in Cotabato Province, south-east of the capital Manila. Jail warden added that this battle continues for hours until forces and police came on the spot and hunted forest where almost 158 intimate’s scape.

He added that heavily armed attackers which could be Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters or may be guerrillas who broke away from the main Moro Islamic Liberation Front, which with government sign a peace deal.

Out of total 6 persons killed, five were escapes, while a number of recaptured persons is six. There are more than 1500 intimates including Bangsamoro members who are charged with a series of bombings in the province and this is the third attack on this jail since 2007.

Local Villagers also contributed with the police and one of the person and his fellow captured one of the escapees. Talking to media he said that he heard gunfire and became aware with his guards that escapes may enter into their village. The attackers killed one guard who was on duty.

A spokesman for the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters denied that their group was involved in the attack, according to the international media.

War on drugs by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has led to the deaths of hundreds of people, hasn’t yet publicly commented on the mass escape and attack.

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