Patton Oswalt Discloses Her Condition, Prescription Medications Causes Behind His Wife’s Death

On 3 February, Patton Oswalt disclosed regarding causes behind her wife Michelle McNamara’s death as an undiagnosed heart condition and a mix of prescription medications.


One of the most popular American stand-up comedians has made public this report about an after his wife death who died in her sleep when she was 46-year-old, on 21 April, 2016.

The 48-year-old actor helped fans to learn what brought his wife death, said in his statement, the combination of drugs in system of Michelle and a condition as haven’t idea about it, hurdles combined along with Michelle was taking medications Adderall, Xanax and the pain pill fentanyl, all were behind her death.

Lt. David Smith, who is Los Angeles coroner also made public death reasons of American comedian’s wife remains listed as pending. Nonetheless, Oswalt shared previously that his wife may have took overdose of medicines.

Michelle Eileen McNamara was writer and founder of a website named ‘True Crime Diary’ who got married with an American actor in 2005.

Oswalt said in his statement that he feared that his wife may have overdosed this is what the paramedics were revealing the way he was yelling and setting up, continued saying that his wife perhaps had stress regarding her book which was being written by her, likely swallowed Xanax to get sleep well but unfortunately died.

The actor has been raising their 7-year-old daughter Alice, and still single so far, added saying he awoke up early morning to get his daughter Alice dressed and left home to drop her at his school, on way his home, bought an Americano coffee and left it on bedside table of wife, at least 9:40 am.

However, he moved back her hours later, she was still on bed but lost her breath, though her death was announced by paramedics at spot.

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