Panama Paper Scandal: Pakistan’s PM Lawyer Not Disclosed Thorough Money Trails Over London Flats

Islamabad: The Supreme Court of Pakistan adjourned the Panama Paper leaks hearing on Wednesday, asked Pakistan’s Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif to submit the completer documentary of money trails by which he acquired the expensive luxurious flats in London.


Pakistan’s Supreme Court resumed the hearing over Panamagate Scandal which was the much talked conflict between Pakistan’s Government head and the opposition party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman.

The deepen rift between PTI and Mr. Prime Minister took the PM Muhammad Nawaz Sharif under investigation by Pakistan Supreme Court.

After announcement to lockdown the capital has lifted the case to SC, in a series of hearing Pakistan Supreme Court asked PM’s counsel to unveil the completer documentary of money by which they managed to grab expensive and luxurious flats in London but the lawyer failed to give the documentary of money trail on Wednesday hearing.

The Pakistan PM’s counsel Salman Aslam Butt declared a statement to Supreme Court on Wednesday hearing, “We cannot submit records dating back to 40 years showing a liability of 36 million Dirhams and an investment of 12 million in Qatar.”

By every adjourning of Supreme Court, the circle is becoming close to Premier of Pakistan Muhammad Nawaz Sharif along with two sons and a daughter.

The Wednesday hearing by top court also fired three questions from premier’s counsel including how PM’s sons form firms. Where from the money came? And the last one is how the money was transferred? The counsel was unable to commit the reliable answer.

On the other side, the opposition Party PTI’s Counsel Naeem Bukhari has explored the PM’s daughter’s financial situation and get to know PM gifted 50 million and also found 31.7 million rupees, the whole amount transferred on two different occasions.

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