Pan Pan, The Hero Father Panda Past Away Under Captivity At The Age Of 31

Giant panda Pan Pan died after spending 31 years of his life in the Giant panda protection in research Centre in china because of cancer.


The Giant panda breed is extinguishing from this earth because of unfavorable environment required for panda to survive.

Many associations are working here for and protection and research upon giant panda but recently at the age of 31, Pan Pan, a giant panda was under the captivity of Giant panda protection and research died on 28 December 2016 after suffering from cancer.

Pan Pan was born in wild in Baoxing County, china in 1985 and live a life of 30 years and thought to have over 130 decedents which are about the quarter of the world’s population of Panda under captivity.

The giant panda was rescued when he was only two months old. Pan Pan which was known because of its strength and energy was suffering from cancer from more than 6 months and his cancer was diagnosed 6 months earlier.

The Hero Father panda died on Wednesday in China’s Sichuan province, where he lived for most of his life, According to the China Conservation and Research Centre for Giant panda.

According to the resources because of virility, Pan Pan provided significant role to increase world’s panda population and he was among of the 4 males which were capable of natural mating during in 1980’s late to 1990’s starts.

became dad for the first time in 1991 and he produced a lot of breeds until he gets old and the resulting family consist of over 130 pandas, Quarter of the total panda population, which are now in zoos all over the world.

Notable offspring’s of Pan Pan includes Bai Yun, currently in California’s San Diego Zoo and other two Hua Mei and Tai Shan which were born in U.S facilities and returned to china after that.

Earlier in 2016 a female panda named JiaJia died in Hong Kong’s Ocean Park.

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