Pakistani Cinemas To Air Iranian And Turkish Movies To Fill Ban On Indian Films

Pakistani cinema owners and distributors hope to change the trend from Indian flicks to Iranian and Turkish content as the ban was imposed on airing Indian films in Pakistani cinemas by country’s government.


The golden time slot for Indian flicks in Pakistan have ended when Pakistan’s government recently imposed ban on every Indian content through which India was grabbing thousands dollar profit from Pakistan and used against the Muslim’s territory.

but the time arrive when Pakistani theater owners and distributors stepped forward to screen the Iranian, Turkish, Chinese and South Korean films.

The move comes in a bid to save the declining Pakistan Cinema industry as it was previously functional enough with screening Indian films.

The Chairman of Film Distribution Company IMGC Sheikh Amjad Rashid and Cinepax Management head Mohsin Yaseen decided to take initial step by airing Turkish and Iranian content as Turkish content liked by Pakistani audience; Sheikh Amjad Rashid opened “It’s in the initial states right now.

We’ve decided to screen films from Iran and Turkey to fill the gap of Indian films,” he added more,” Yes. We are looking at different options from around the world to fill the gap, as Turkish dramas had a good following in Pakistan.”

The Chairman of IMGC revealed, they have to screen foreign contents to fill the gap of Indian movies because Pakistan’s emerging Film industry is not sufficiently able to fill the gap.

In remarks to Turkish movies, the chairman said Turkish drama “Ishq e Mamnoon” went viral in Pakistan as well as grabbed appreciation from the viewers as there is not too much cultural difference with Pakistan.

However, South Korean and Chinese movies are also kept in consideration whether to give approval on Pakistani Cinema or not.

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