Pakistani Actor Veena Malik Ends Marriage After 3 Year With Asad Khattak

Most Famous and Always in Media due to different scandals Veena Malik at last no maintain their long term marriage with Asad khan Khattak. That’s was after her only one side hearing and taking its no serious from Asad ruled on her application for divorce.

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Three years long marriage comes to their end on the separation of husband and wife both and their two children Abram and Amal. The main reason of this separation comes out that Veena wants to join the showbiz industry again but Asad forced him to look after their children and forever good-bye their past activities.

After no physically present and submit any of his reply in the court in the answer of so many notifications towards Asad court ordered Veena’s separation (Khula). Now she has not any relationship more with Asad but she will return 25% of his dower money ‘Haq Mehr’ to Asad Khattak.

On the first week of January Veena Malik submit a plea in Lahore high court in which she admitted that she had some differences with Asad and she could not live more together. The court wanted to listen the opinion of Asad Khattak but all goes in vain.

According to the family reports both are separated from the last three months and in this period many tries are done to save this marriage but no positive results come out.

They are got married in December 2013 in a court and have two children.

Veena Malik starts in the showbiz and the film industry of Pakistan then she went to Bollywood and plays a very bold and negative role in different movies that’s why people of both countries criticized him on her role.

Her naked picture in which Pakistan intelligence agency ISI wrote in his arm published on the front page of the magazine.

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