Pakistan Reaches Out To U.S. President Elect Donald Trump Through Aide

Islamabad/ Pakistan: Pakistan government has approached United States President-elect Republican Donald Trump seek to develop a better understanding with a brand new regime through one of his close aides Sajjad Tarar on Monday 14 November.


The development of mutual understanding with new regime administration is to resolve the issue ranging from war on terror to the complex nature of South Asia’s geopolitics.

Since the American government begins with new administration of Republican President Donald Trump, Pakistan vows to construct understanding through a close aide Sajjad Tarar, the proactive approached is just to reach out the President-elect Donald Trump.

A senior official with the knowledge of pro-active approach to reach out the surprisingly elect Donald Trump said, the Ambassador of Pakistan Jalil Abbas Jilani in Washington have wrote a letter to United States new regime leader on the behalf of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif to offer congratulation over his stunning victory over Democratic Hillary Clinton.

The letter contains another content regarding the understanding as Pakistani government showed his willingness to work with Donald Trump’s administration.

The significant development came just after the day of Republican’s Presidential Candidate victory in United States Presidential Election 2016.

The awareness about to work alongside with American new regime has awakened so Pakistani Administration’s policy makers draw a strategy to how to work with new administration over regional issues and radical stance.

Earlier Republican President Donald Trump sentenced over banning Muslims in United States and he is some kind of anti-Muslim as he said rhetoric, he proposed government to ban Muslim’s entrance in U.S and also called for banning Muslim’s business in the country.

Certain diplomatic actions have taken to reach out Trump; Tarar is one of the 36 advisors of Donald Trump who campaigned for republican in election race.

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