Obama Desires To See The World Without Nuclear Weapons Says In Hiroshima

In World War 2 when America was fighting against the Japan and the Japanese force was not handled by America than America become scared and at that time America was the only Nuclear Power of the world.


That time when America see no way out than American forces use atomic bomb on Hiroshima on August 06, 1945 and in the result of this attack 140,000 people were killed including 20,000 Korean .

After 4 days America dropped another atomic bomb on Nagasaki in this attack 80,000 people were killed including 30,000 Korean, and at that time these two cities comes on level and completely destroyed not even a single thing was alive under these regions and if we talk about the witness of these attacks the last and only witness of this great destruction was dead in 2005 due to lung cancer.

Now President of America Obama visted Hiroshima and it was fist time in the history of the world that an American President visited Hiroshima, on this Friday Obama made a solemn visit Hiroshima to pay some respect and honor to the citizens of Hiroshima.

In the Hiroshima Peace Park guest book, Obama wrote: “We have known the agony of war. Let us now find the courage, together, to spread peace, and pursue a world without nuclear weapons.” In later remarks, he said that scientific strides must be matched by moral progress or mankind is doomed.

In the speech Obama has said that, during the World War 2 it was first time in the history that the nuclear weapon were used on the mankind and now we are standing at the middle of the city where the nuclear weapon hits for first time.

Till now after 71 years we feel the pain of those people and even listen the silent cry of children, he also said that it was his desire to see a world free from nuclear weapons.

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