Nokia Releasing New Android Phones 2017, Latest News, Release Date, Price, Features, Specs

Nokia releasing Android Phones, Latest News, Updates Two Phones are going to launch. Nokia is trying to come back in market and 2017 is the big year for Nokia as they are planning the launch of Nokia android cell phones.

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Nokia is planning to come back in the market as they have planned the release of the android phone in 2017, Nokia stated manufacturing phone back in 1987 and was the bestselling brand of the cellphone.
Nokia was on the top in the early 2000s.

The rise of Apple, Samsung and many other smartphones broke the market of Nokia and Nokia stops manufacturing Cellphones in 2014 According to reports, Nokia will Initially release two models of Android Phones.

The smartphones will hit the market in 2017 called Nokia D1C and Nokia P1, the model Names are not confirmed yet because the can be modified. As Nokia is in prototype building mood so it is expected that there are chances of a lot of changes.

Sources revealed that Nokia new smart phones will have a metal body which will increase the grace and look of smartphones, this may be due to Nokia observe the trend of Metallic smart phones in the Market.

Tech experts believe that Nokia new smart phones will have best cameras fast processors sleek and they will be durable and this will take these smartphones to the top and they think this will be the revival of Nokia again in the market.

The release of these phones is expected between February to march in 2017, Which will be the Android Version of this model? this is the most important discussion nowadays.

The Tech Experts believe that there will be Android 7.0 Nougat in this brand new cellphone models of Nokia.

Android 7.0 is the latest and most updated google software which rolled out this autumn and it is likely to be on the most of the smartphones going to release early 2017.

This is Important here that Nokia is not actually manufacturing these phone now after Microsoft Buy Nokia the rights of manufacturing are transferred to new Finland-Based Company HMD Global and they will enjoy these rights for the next decade.

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