Nigerian Army Kills Over 49 People Mistakenly In Attack On Refuge Town

The Nigerian air force suddenly stormed on Tuesday a refuge town where were living a large number of people including refugees, reportedly targeting Islamist militants who fled successfully but over 50 lost their lives, though the attack was declared pilots’ mistake.


The forces were on way to kill Boko Haram fighters while the offensive were launched bombings in the town of Rann, close to the Cameroon border that is one of the destinations where over 2 million victims of Boko Haram have took shelter for years.

However, one of the brutal Islamist militant organizations have made millions’ life hell in Nigeria, although latest Nigerian forces attack wounded over 99 people as well some humanitarian workers who had been helping out about 25,000 refugees in Rann.

If latest reports are to be believed Boko Haram who considers a major Islamist fighter organization earlier teamed up another Islamist group Al-Qaeda, their brutality have killed approximately 20,000 people since 2009.

The Group has also tagged one of the bloodiest terrorist organizations in the world, though Major General for Nigeria military, Lucky Irabor has confirmed the bombing, saying strike was just an accident as our forces were targeting Islamist fighters.

A humanitarian group, Doctors Without Borders, told about 52 people have shot dead and over 110 wounded in latest military offensives, added telling that some of the injured are in critical condition and having lack of health-care in Rann, have been facing lots of problems.

Nonetheless, there are only eight medical personnel in the city who have been treating all the victims, reported an emergency program manager for Doctors Without Borders, Hugues Robert told.

Although, two attacks were carried out by the Nigerian military at nearly noon Tuesday where a less number of refugees and large number of civilians lived, though Rann considers strongly controlled by the Nigerian forces.

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