Nicki Minaj Spills Out Of Her Pink Latex Attire In Raunchy Music Video

Nicki is doing different eye catcher poses in new upcoming music video of Jason Derulo and she is a girl who is famous due to her sexy body which makes her poses appraisable.


She is a rap star which is now making a music video with another singer named as Jason who has also a good name in industry, both are famous due their voice and now they are doing work together for their music.

Nicki is a girl who always remains in news due to her style of wearing clothes, for example in last days she stepped out from hotel in London in just a single bra and she does not care the world and we can see the other actions of her like this in little and limited clothes.

Now in her upcoming music video she is doing her curves in small bra which looks like that she will steal the show after releasing the video and she is showing her body flexibility in that video which is her big weapon in the industry for success.

On Friday ex of Nicki showed his anger on instagram that media is taking her moves and her acting in negative sense, according to him she is doing her job well and media is on the mission to destroy her reputation and image.

The #SwallaVideo is finally here!!! 😝 ☘️🎀💛

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The 34 year girl Minaj is a rap girl who is doing fabulous moves in her music video with Jason and she covered her eyes and in small dress she is dancing for the means of capturing attraction of her viewers.

Multi talented girl with sexy body and beautiful voice is not afraid of showing her body but she is enjoying to do that and she is well known beautiful singer in the world but according to some people of media, she will change the direction of industry.

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