Newest ‘Android Os 8’ To Out In May 2017, Rumored Called Oreo

Here comes a good news for those who have been waiting eagerly so long for the release of the new Android OS will finally be out in coming May 2017, though didn’t reveal about confirm date.


However, we also got from the latest discloser regarding its details that the most-awaited operating system will be released by name something starts with a letter ‘O’. It is also said Google likes to put names for its Android OS versions from chocolates and candies as alphabetical order as well.

While Google update in a sequence sequentially, upcoming version of operating system to have a numerical value, would be called Android 8.0 or may have Android 8. One of the most popular tech giants in the world has launched a tradition of rolling out new version annually, while Google released its previous update Android named ‘Nougat’ in August 2016.

By continuing its trend, tech giant about to launch its next update at start of this year, so we are so close to get the newest operating system whose name is said to be begins with alphabet ‘O’ but its not confirm yet.

Google has chosen names of desserts for operating system (OS) releases hence we are has just a guess would be ‘Oreo’ this time which is most popular biscuits in this world.

However, if an American multinational technology company will place its name ‘Oreo’ so they have to sign an agreement with the Oreo’s producer is Mondelez as Google had signed a contract with other renowned company Nestle for the official utilized of ‘Android Kitkat’.

Although, some other reports have revealed names Google may have acquire for its operating system such as Orellete, Oatcake, Ox-tongue Pastry, Orange, Oatmeal Cookie, but nothing was confirmed by the American tech giant so far.

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