New Zealand: A Powerful Earthquake Left At Least 2 Dead

Christchurch/New Zealand: Huge earthquake jolted New Zealand with powerful quake magnitude of 7.8 that killed at least two people and caused massive damage of country’s infrastructure of New Zealand’s south island on Monday while tsunami sending aftershocks across the whole country.


A huge quake of around 7.8 magnitude struck with northeast of the city of Christchurch just after the midnight of Monday, the powerful quake not only carried out massive violence and damage of infrastructure of the country but also killed the two civilians of the country.

The death toll was initially released by officials and they are quite optimistic that the released death toll would not increase.

According to News Agency CNN, a series of two powerful quakes have been reported with different magnitudes that have thoroughly shaken the New Zealand’s South Island.

The first one with 7.8 magnitude struck with coastal community of Kaikoura which is around 55 miles far away from the north of Christchurch, the location has traced by United States Geological Survey.

In the first event, the 7.8 quake triggered the waves of 2.49 meters (8 feet) above the usual tide levels that was recorded as the highest ever in New Zealand’s history of 38 years, the tremor as well noticed as the ever huge in the quake-prone South Pacific.

The Weather officials already alerted about triggering a tsunami that emphasized people to flee for higher ground across the rugged coastline.

While the second quake struck with the 39 kilometers west coast of South West of Christchurch city Kaikoura , the second quake is comparatively have lower magnitude 6.2 that struck afternoon of Monday around 1:30 p.m.

Prime Minister of the New Zealand John Key has shared a short clip after surveying the damaged parts of the country and said, “It is very hard to see how damaged roads, neither north nor south”, “opened very easily”.

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