New Trump Administration Guidelines Reveals Mass Deportation Of 11 Million Illegal Immigrants

The Donald Trump administration has released its new guidelines on 21 February that poses the enormous majority of the 11 million illegal immigrants live in United States of America are at risk of deportation.


However, the department of homeland security of previous United States president Barack Obama had been targeted those found guilty of bad acts or believed threats for national security of America.

The 45th president for US has vowed to expand its measures contain illegal immigrants who were considered suspects of crimes as well those were convicted and accused of illegal acts in United States.

Donald Trump administration’s new guidelines also poses that they are serious to take strict actions against suspected of traffic violations even they can be targeted for deportation.

Nonetheless, Mr. Trump’s administration lays out those were discovered part of bad acts will be first to go out from homeland. Even though, it also has been explained about 11 million illegal immigrants who have been living in United States for long term, all are at risk of instant removal.

The department of homeland security doesn’t want to face fears of threatening next therefore deportation of a large of number illegal immigrants will surely be better option. It is said to be in latest accounts those who came in America as immigrant as child even don’t have citizenship, will also be part of upcoming deportation.

On other side, some people took part in demonstration against United States President’s immigration policy including the recent Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids in New York were carried out on 11 February, 2017.

Donald Trump’s administration also gave authority its immigration enforcement agents to deport those were taken into custody by attempting to cross US border directly to Mexico in spite of their nationalities.

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