New Nokia 6 Smartphone Release Date, Feature, Specs, Price, Camera & Latets News

Nokia is Now going to release its new cell phone Nokia 6 after HMD global get Nokia and it’s the first phone after the purchase of company However this cell phone will only available in china.


Nokia is planning to come back in the market as they have planned the release of the android phone in 2017, Nokia stated manufacturing phone back in 1987 and was the bestselling brand of the cell phone.
Nokia was on the top in the early 2000s.

The rise of Apple, Samsung and many other smartphones broke the market of Nokia and Nokia stops manufacturing Cellphones in 2014. Now the Nokia 6 by HMD Global is designed with durability, display and Entertainment with an aluminum body.

The Display 5.5 inch about 1080p and it possess 2.5 D Gorilla Glass display. If we talk about Cameras, then the 16-megapixel camera would be found on its back and 8 megapixels on its front. Internal storage is about 64 GB and RAM is almost 4 GB.

Under the casing is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor and X6 LTE modem. HMD says that this phone will be great in its Battery output and Graphics.

Along with all these features, the Nokia is setting an affordable price for this new Smart Phone which is almost CNY 1,699, around $245. The Tech Experts believe that there will be Android 7.0 Nougat in this brand new cellphone models of Nokia.

Android 7.0 is the latest and most updated google software which rolled out this autumn and it is likely to be on the most of the smartphones going to release early 2017.

This is Important here that Nokia is not actually manufacturing these phone now after Microsoft Buy Nokia the rights of manufacturing are transferred to new Finland-Based Company HMD Global and they will enjoy these rights for the next decade.

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