New Matrix Movie 2017 Release Date, Cast, Story, Wiki Soon will Be On Screen

The story of the movie has been written by the Zak Penn and according to him it will not be remake and also will not be reboot but some special things will be there.

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News of new matrix movie is a good approach by writer for the Hollywood industry because it is a movie which has many records due to its action and science fiction concept and it is hoped that this will also hit all the targets and will break the records.

Keanue Reeves played the lead role in original movie, now he is also interested in new movie and has done its role very well in last movie series, these series of movie will be remembered for all time because it contains high level of graphics and no one can beat its technology.

Warner bros may be use new actor as young Morpheus which will be a leading role, it is a fictional role and in last movies Morpheus role has done by Laurence Fishburne and he done his job very well.

It is news on air that Warner Bros will use new character for the role of Morpheus in the movie, maybe he will make a deal with Michael B Jordan for that character and surely he has ability to do best work.

Zak Pen said on twitter that this new matrix neither will be remake nor robotic but it will show new concept and people who know the concept Animatrix they can understand.

When a reporter ask him about remake of the Matrix, he answered that the words remake and reboot are from articles and should not be trust on fake news and it will never be like before.

First matrix movie was made in 1999 and all of its parts are mind blowing and now a new matrix is coming which will hit the screens with new concept and ideology.

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