NBA Player Bryce Dejean-Jones killed in Dallas, Texas

Bryce Dejean-Jones was 23 years old and American professional basket ball player he used to play basketball for Lowa State University he also played for UCS and UNLV, this young sports man was a professional player in National Basketball Association (NBA) and in New Orleans Pelicans.


This 6 foots 6 inches player has 3.4 rebounds and its average points are 5.6 in 14 matches against Pelicans when he was playing from Lowa State University, he started his debut carrier in National Basketball Association in January and in the month of February he made a multiyear contract with New Orleans Club.

This young player was died early on Saturday in a hospital of Dallas, Dallas is a place in Texes, this young player was in its room and door was knocked and he opened the door and an unknown person entered in the apartment and kicked Bryce Dejean in the door of his bed room and a person was sleeping in Bryce Dejean’s room awaked due to noise and but he was unable to do anything because when he wake up than that other person shoots Bryce Dejean with a hand gun, according to his roommate the killer fire on his abdomen and ran away.

At that moment Bryce was alive and his roommate call the police and ambulance and then Bryce was taken to the hospital but it was too late and he took his last breaths in the hospital (May His Soul Rest in Peace).

Now the whole situation was under investigation and police don’t reviles such information about the killer and any other information in front of public, nobody even don’t know the reason why he was shot.

In his last interview to ESPN he said that he was in Dallas to celebrates the birthday of her daughter and her was busy in arrangements with her wife of that surprise birthday party which was arranged for her daughter.

This is the statement of Bryce Dejean team after his death, “We are devastated at the loss of this young man’s life that had such a promising future ahead of him. Our thoughts and prayers are with Bryce’s family during this difficult time,”

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