Muslims Welcome Lindsay Lohan in Islam, Does She Really Do?

Lindsay Lohan have been receiving greetings as well welcome to Islam towards members of the Muslim faith just after she removed her Instagram account and changed her biography on the social media site.


The rumors have been flying on internet for days that Lohan trashed all photographs of her on Instagram page, left nothing although her profile picture leaves and a bio that now reads: ‘Alaikum salam.’

An Arabic greeting was translated what she published on his social account, “and unto you peace,” and Muslim people took this thing wrong and made noise Lohan was converting to the Muslim faith.

One of the Muslim women penned a line on Twitter referring Lohan that she is so happy after getting she has converted to Islam, ‘may Allah guide her and bless her.’

Another young Muslim woman published on her social account, she got crazy when heard that Lohan found Islam; if it is true ‘alhamdulillah’ as God has shown her right way.

However, there was no confirmation revealed by the Hollywood actress even nothing words came out from her representative.

She had planned to spend her vacations in Dubai by ring in the New Year, though rumored about her converting to Islam, Lohan may be changing over in 2015 when she was captured photograph holding a duplicate of the Quran while doing group benefit in Brooklyn.

After months the “Mean Girls” actress appeared on the Turkish talk show “Haber Turk” where clarified that the holy book was just a gift from one of his close friends as she told them Lohan has been learning.

The actress experienced spiritually after learning the Quran even it helps her to discover who she is, also revealed that she was attacked when image was rolled out in the media.

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