Multi-Tier Air Defense System ‘David’s Sling’ Almost Ready To Go

Israel has got the technology of David Sling missile system which is best for short range ballistic missiles, long range rockets and will improve the ability of their defense system which is the most beneficial for them.


There are big tensions between Israel and its neighbors due to conflict between them because of their different ideologies’ and this new technology will be benign for them which will improve their defense ability.

Israel is a country whose has their main focus on the military power, for this purpose defense system plays a key role for the success in destruction conditions like in war.

America and Israel has done the experiments on it successfully, they got their goals and now they are in the condition to include David Sling in the missile defense system and it also show their coordination in the field of military.

They successfully demonstrated this new technology, it will help them against rockets, short range ballistic missiles, and other external threats and it will make them so much strong in the eyes of their enemies and will be a cause of fair for them.

According to ministry of defense, this new missile technology will be include in the system as soon as possible, and may be it will be part of the air force defense system in almost two weeks because still it is on final stage for the purpose of making it operational and more powerful.

America and Israel; these are the nations who spent their most budget on military, America showed their interest in Iron Dome and David’ Sling so they developed with the help of Israel, they know that if their military system will strong no one can harm them and easily defeat their enemies and Israel now a days on the way of war against Gaza.

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