MPS Member Wears Hijabs In Parliament To Celebrates World Hijab Day

One of the MPs members beautified herself with veils in Westminster Hall to mark World Hijab Day, was first celebrated on 1 February, 2013, since then it celebrates every year, seems to be promoting modest outfit that symbols of Islamic culture.


Scottish National Party’s female members such as Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, Patrick Grady, former shadow equalities of Labor minister Dawn Butler, MPs Anne McLaughlin and MP Naseem Shah also took part in celebration of World Hijab Day in parliament house.

However, on first February every year, while WHD organizers request women all around the world to join the celebration of the day by wearing hijab in unity with Muslims under the slogan, ‘I stand for her right to cover.’

Although, conservative Islamic scholar Dr. Yasir Qadhi, who charged with accusation of anti-Semitism, stated that the aim of World Hijab Day is to bring attention of all towards modest outfit that believes extremely positive in Islam when its women covered herself with veil, published WHD official website.

He also highlight that WHD was started to show others to around the world values and showcase of Islam religion. Nevertheless, numerous liberal Muslims believe that other advance female garments are sexist, though by using Islamist tools such as hijab, face veil, and burka, can be controlled women.

Law obliged women from two Muslim nations such Iran and Saudi Arabia as their government has also set punishment if any woman shows her hair.
The World Hijab Day’s organizers are also carrying a goal creating a more peaceful world where every citizen gives respect to other.

On 1 February, 2017, Ms. Ahmed-Sheikh requested to British Prime Minister for acceptance of Islamic face covering in their society, even urged keeping continue admission of refugees and migrants belonging war-torn Muslim nations.

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