Mother From Texas Died, Leaving Two Injured Daughters Behind After Falling From Chairlift In Colorado

Women from Texas Died and her two young daughters got injured after they fell from the chairlift, Thursday at Colorado ski resort, they fall on the snow, below the chair lift.


The women,40 from Texas and her two young daughters fell from about height of 25 feet from the four-person QuickDraw Chairlift at Ski Granby Ranch in Colorado, According to the International NEWS Agency the Women was there in Colorado Ski resort which consists of over 400-acre beginner-friendly Family spot The chairlift remain in its own position but people witness someone to fall.

Initially, Investigators said that the mother was from San Antonio, Ages of her daughter were 12 and 9, both were taken to the hospital, one child is discharged from Hospital According to the Station report. This Chairlift was first in the Colorado which was malfunctioned.

According to the police department, three people who were Visiting this resort came out of the state, fell from the lift on Thursday at Ski Grandy Ranch one daughter is safe and other is still under doctor’s observation.

The People sitting in the lift fell on the snow below which caused mother death. The 12-year girl is safe now but the small girl,9 is still under doctor’s observation.

The police are investigating the real cause of this incidence. According to police Department “we are investigating on this chairlift malfunction which took the life of one woman”. Initially they only release the identity of the victims.

Chairlift deaths are rare in the United States;12 people are died by falling down from the chairlift There were 3 deaths recorded between October 2014.

After ordinance which is implicated in 1973.there are less number of such Incidents before that many people died because they fell from chairlift.

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