More Than 100 Dead In Brazil State Amid Anarchy Spurred By Police Strike

In Brazil according to their media report more than hundred people was dead, there was stampede every where no man was seen on roads now days and all area schools colleges and shops were closed because of that incident which occurs in Brazil state.


Police is also now on strike there which made some difference in atmosphere in state of Espirito Santo according to their media report there was no sign of good relief still to last Thursday, they said that they need more than 100 federal troops and also members of federal police force to help them out from that currently situation.

Their government even had not tell any news about the dead ones, When their police came out on Saturday for strike on their better pay basis on Saturday one spokes lady who was leading the police tells about 101 dead on Saturday, the strike is based on family and friends of different officers they there self block the ways of police stations.

Mean work in strike of police was the demand of double salary which was done by the wives of some officers on Wednesday night there demand is to double salary of every type of officer.

The officers and their family said that they have even not received a raise in their salary from last 4 years.

Strike people said that if their demand was ignored by government than we will give new shape to our protest which was not a good sign for government, present condition was not good as well some spokesman told that 200 hundred cars were stolen in one day.

The state’s retailers said that businesses have lost 90m real £23m since police was on strike and stop their work.

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