Milo Yiannopoulos Announces Resignation From Breitbart News Following Pedophilia Comments

Conservative troublemaker Milo Yiannopoulos revealed on 21 February, was sexually abused more than one time when he was a child, once by a priest, even defended and pushed back himself by ignoring pedophilia comments.


The 33-year-old Journalist also disclosed by addressing a news conference in Manhattan, he is a guy and victims of sexual assaults at young days, about between ages of 13 and 16, added saying a pair of male, touched used his body, feels hard to show off his darker days in front of parents.

Nevertheless, Yiannopoulos’s experiences as victim brought the day that forced to him to show off anything regarding its dark days, no matter how shameful it is to him.

During his talking, also mentioned that he doesn’t want to advocate for dishonest behavior even considers the age of consent is right.

After Yiannopoulos’s Monday comments hold words as older gay males can take advantages using younger gay males in sexual relationships, his invitation was canceled to address a conservative conference, as well book deal with Simon & Schuster was called off.

He has announced his resignation from Breitbart News that provided him platform with bitter criticism, quitted as an editor from far-right American news channel just before his addressing at press conference.

Breitbart described in a report regarding indecent words those broke the internet contain bundle of criticism as well as fueled much-required discussion on important cultural subjects challenging universities, the LGBTQ community, the tech industry and the press.

It seems to be Yiannopoulos favored Trump’s campaign holds the alt-right movement as expressed hate over those adults who abuse children, reason why doesn’t support illegal behavior.

At end of his speech during conference, apologized for all bad words those he spoke during reports so far.

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