Michael Flynn Is No More On His Post Of National Security Adviser Of Trump

New York: From the day Donald Trump took his charge as a president of USA every day we are hearing something big once again there is news to shock everyone Michael Flynn was no more as Donald Trump’s National security adviser he resigned last Monday from his post.


The news of resign was announced late at night according to the reports of USA they said that the news of resign was came out at 11 pm, Senior Trump adviser Flynn quits Michael Flynn is said that he was miss guide from some of the senior officers and he was in contact with Russia after the elections.

Michael Thomas Flynn was born in December 1958, he was also a retired US Army Lieutenant General he was also the eighteenth Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and was twenty-fifth National Security Advisor.

He served Donald Trump for more than three weeks he started his duty for Trump was from twenty of January 2017 and his duty ended on thirteen of February 2017.

Flynn said that few time before he talked with Russians about sanction, he also said that he could not remember that which of his talk hurt pence, who said that Flynn was miss guide by the official’s.

Flynn also told that he admitted his mistake and apologized two times from Pence for his mistake which had done unknowingly.

Donald Trump elect Keith Kellogg as National security adviser, he is acting as national security adviser these days with Davit Petraeus, who went to White House to meet Donald Trump on last Tuesday.

More recently, he gave his suggestions to president Trump on national security issues during his campaign, and also he went on to be selected as a chief of staff in the new administration’s National Security Council.

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