Many Protesters Were Arrested At Dakota Access Pipeline Protest

North Dakota police have arrested more than seventy people from the pipeline protest after the decision taken by the government they are soon going to approve of the final stage of construction of Dakota Access pipeline.


According to the local news of North Dakota the police almost arrested seventy six protesters from the spot still some protesters are present on the protest place and police is busy in their work, Government said the remaining 25 to 50 people to holding out in the Oceti Sakowin camp site will be allowed to leave without being arrested.

North Dakota Government is trying their level best to compete the project and so contractors can continue cleaning up the protest site near the controversial 1,172-mile long pipeline and government also order that if any one refuse to leave the working place arrest him without wasting time.

On Wednesday more than ten people were arrested from the highway near the pipeline project because they all refused to leave the place on that police arrested them all after giving one chance to clean the place and go back home.

Two people get injured during the protest time when police came on the spot to clear the place where the pipeline project is going to construct on Wednesday.

According to the local news they said one person has been burned in fires set by the protesters on the time of protest and many people injured because of that fire including some women.

Project is moving forward according to the instructions the government is going to complete the project in no time as the project is almost completed except for the contested portion under North Dakota’s Lake Oahe, half a mile upstream from the standing Rock Sioux tribe’s reservation.

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