Manveer Gurjar Wins Bigg Boss 10: Salman Khan Considers Behind Success

Desi boy Manveer Gurjar win Big Boss 10th Season after packing up receiving bitter comments showed world that he can make it. He raised in Noida and known as owner of a dairy farm, now has made 40 million rupees.

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Season tenth’s commoner contestant Manveer will be called Big Boss winner in future, says India-waalo ise apna hi ghar samjho, while has declared the victor of battle on Sunday evening. He first disappointed other contestant with his rude and strange behavior but later on started work to improve his communication, manners too.

After some days, Manveer adjusted in Big Boss House by making-over in himself in terms of behavior as everyone discovered tenacity, loyalty, simplicity, attitude and hunger to name title in future.


He came out the most admired contestant of the tenth season who kicked out all contestant from the house using key elements to get, VJ Bani emerged toughest competitor to him.

The 29-year-old has real identity Manoj Kumar Baisoya, who spent whole time in house of Big Boss dignified and fun-filled, also earned huge respect during his presence along with other contestant.

Manveer shared his memorable moments with Nitibha Kaul, Monalisa and Manu Punjabi on the program, also confessed developing a pleasant relationship with Monalisa, who came out an important fraction of the well-known trio with Manu and Manveer.


Punjabi boy also met his father after a long time on the Big Boss show, even received positive acclaim by critics who called remarkable his strength of mind and gravel they way he forget all pain which got in the result of a task given on the show.

Manveer also talked about his bad experiences when battled with Swami Om, Monalisa and Rohan Mehra, even felt sorry for that.

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