Man Shot Dead At Paris Orly Airport After Trying To Steal Weapon From Soldier

On 8th march, a man tried to take the gun from a French soldier and he was killed by the soldiers in Paris airport and Orly airport was evacuated after the hearing of shot by security officers.


According to reports, a man came and tries to snatch the gun from a security man but he was killed while trying to take gun from officer and airport was evacuated after when there is a sound of shot by security forces.

Now days terrorism is a big threat for every country and whole world is trying to control it, like on airport someone tried to spread the fear by shooting on people after grabbing gun but he failed in his mission and at last he killed.

Paris is a peaceful country of France which has second largest airport of France named as Orly airport and that was on the hit by an unidentified man but it has been saved by forces.

Airport was sweeped by the security teams in search of explosives because may be that man came with some explosives to destroy the peace of Paris and tried to kill the people on airport.

After that incident there was an alarm of emergency, passengers and staffs are being moved out of the area and airport was covered by security forces.

Some passengers tweeted that security officers said to them that remain on their seats whose are sitting on the plane and some spokesman from ministry tweeted after that incident that whole situation was on their control and they have their hands and eyes on the airport.

French police announced that whole situation was in control and public must keep a distance from the incident area because there is an ongoing operation. Man still could not be identified by the security teams.

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