Malaysian Police Arrest 7 ISIS Members Plan To Attack On Saudi Arabia King Salman in Malaysia

Luala Lumpur: A statement arises that seven terrorists are under arrest in last months before of Saudi Arabia King Salman‘s visit that were planning an attack on “Arab royalties”.


On February 26, As it is the part of the Asia tour which is about one month-long that the Saudi King Salman go to Malaysia.

Inspector General Police of Malaysia Khalid Abu Bakar stated in front of media reporters that the terrorists are scheduled to strike Arab royalties while they visit to Malaysia, It is our great success that we are arrest him at the peak time of attack.

Two of them attackers decided to attack through a device which will be “vehicle borne explosive”.

On Sunday, These seven attackers are so called relations to the groups of terrorist including ISIS.

There are six outsiders and one local citizen of Malaysia in outsiders one is Indonesian and East Asian and four are Yemenis. These are arrested in between the days of February 21 to 26 of last month.

According to the last few years reports many peoples are arrested in Malaysia having linked with those terrorists groups.

In June last year an attack done outside on a bar through grenade of Kuala Lumpur in this attack eight people are injured. ISIS accepts the responsibility of the violence.

The purpose of this tour of Saudi king Salmanwith a 600-strong delegation to increase economic ties with other countries of ASIA after Malaysia Saudi king Salman go to Indonesia. Saudi king will be safe and face no any disturbance in Malaysia during his Visit there.

In January 2016, the capital neighbor Indonesia is affected with the terrorists linked with ISIS when they attack on the Southeast Asian with suicide bombers and gunmen.

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