Madonna To Launch ‘Enough Is Enough’ Song As Anti-Donald Trump Song

Madonna has decided to launch retaliation to new United States Donald Trump but not calling him something bad even vowed to remake 80s hit song “Enough is Enough” based on criticism over violence.


We hope the American versatile songstress will have composed picture of Trump’s in shape of lyrics, though Donna Summer and Barbra Streisand asked Bruce Roberts, a songwriter, to pen “Enough is Enough” for them in 1979 using powerful words.

Though, Madonna is on way too making its lyrics most influential that demonstrate what really should stop Trump right now and what kind of brutality he has been carrying out after taking his office.

A large number of people all around the world had to marches on long black roads expressing their rage over Trump’s wrongdoing as well bad speeches.

The 58-year-old impressive songstress was one the protesters in Washington DC, where she chanted slogans against Trump’s unlawful activity.

By analyzing current circumstance in United States, people elected Enough Is Enough as it highlights bad acts of leaders, hence sung during rally.

The song has attained number six on the US Billboard Dance Club Charts on 27 January, 2017 (Friday). Bruce Roberts has urged Madonna to rewrite and sing the lyrics by adding some material considering latest circumstance.

Roberts has also written songs for Dolly Parton and Sir Elton John when they were ruling music industry, while doesn’t want to Madonna to make this track not a personal attach on US president, while should have a report as Trump is taking our nation in wrong way.

It is said to be that the American vocalist will let the voices of Streisand and Summer on the chorus and other will be sung by her. While Madonna and Roberts both couldn’t respond to requests for comment by the gossip website.

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