MacBook Air 2017 Release Date, Specs, Features, News Update: May Have Cause MacBook Air’s Termination

It has been indicated for days in latest reports that meager sale in 2016 of its MacBook Air lineup may have cause of termination of the series, while decision will end their entry level laptops can be attributed to iPad Pro.

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If latest reports are to be believed the Cupertino, California based multinational technology company has garnered impressive response from its users all around the world for sales of the hybrid tablet and iPad Pro.

However, MacBook Air’s unsatisfying sales may become the reason of end dilute the MacBook brand’s construction, while Apple has launched a number of models they hardly had any prominent upgrades, but others were absolute redundant.

Furthermore, iPad Pro’s an exceptional success has put MacBook Air in a dangerous mark, as Apple has been planning to roll out launching second version of iPad Pro.

Although, the gadget seems to be getting extremely faster although to be occurred more compatible with a keyboard and a mouse, building it approximately similar to MacBook Air.

Now apparently, Apple is on way to pay his complete attention creating everything possible in iPad Pro 2 to catch up its customers’ attraction, although it could be bad news for the Air variant as it will be phasing out in coming weeks.

We all better know that iPad has win hearts all over the world because of its impressive working being productively as a laptop, even discovered better of a compact device.

On the other side if speculations are to be believed Apple has kicked out its 11-inch Air models and only 13-inch variants now remain accessible for buy, while some reports from previous year have already highlighted company is on way to terminate the Macbook Air lineup in 2017 and will be working on some new ideas.

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