London’s New Mayor Sadiq Khan And David Cameron Got A Common Cause Of Fighting Brexit

Common cause of fighting for London between David Cameron and Sadiq Khan was that the referendum of June 23 made by British that Britain will stay in or moves out from European Union.

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David Cameron and Sadiq Khan both want that Britain will be a part of European Union as Britain is a Marketplace from where London done its trade and if Britain left European Union than the traders has to pay double tax on their trade.

So there is a fight that London wants that Britain will remain a part of European Union and Britain wants to leave it and this common point of fight created those situation in which David Cameron and Sadiq Khan both stands together for the betterment of London.

Sadiq Khan was a very sharp and constant person he has learned a lot from his predecessor leader Boris Manley that he was always the part of dirty politics and he is one of those leaders who left the campaign and also challenges the David Cameron leadership.

Now Sadiq khan was not repeating the mistake of his predecessor leader of challenging the David Cameron leadership he is now standing along David Cameron and both of them are focusing on the Finical condition of London and wants to improve it that’s why they are in campaigns together.

This Monday David Cameron gives four guarantees to the public of London, protection of workers legal rights, a unique status for Britain in Europe and economic stability, accessibility to European single market, the ongoing to issue arrest warrants in Europe.

When Sadiq Khan on his conference said that he was the son of a bus driver and his mother was seamstress than David Cameron says in Monday conference that I am son a rich person studied in one of the best school.

but I am not shy than said that the point is that London is the land of opportunity if you work heard you can even become a Mayor of London one of the best place in London and Sadiq Khan has to be proud Muslim and a proud Londoner that now is the Mayor of London.

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