London Stunned By Terror Attack outside British Parliament Which Has Left Five Dead And 40 Hurt

London faced a terrorist attack on Wednesday outside the British Parliament in which five people has been dead while nearly 40 are injured and 6 are in critical position; it is an attack on the heart of London.


It is the capital of England; it is most peaceful and beautiful capital in the world and some group of people don’t want to see it peaceful air, so they wanted to explode their climate, for this purpose they make an attack in the heart of London.

The investigation officer of the case said; attacker wanted to attack on parliament for the purpose of killing people’s leaders and our officers failed his mission by killing him.

The man was in the car; a grey Hyundai i40, he drove the car on the bridge, the people who are in front of his car are being killed, he was on his way toward the parliament and then he crashed near parliament which was his main focus according to rumors.

The attacker man was alone in car, injured 28 people and killed 5 people including a police officer, on Westminster Bridge before reaching near to parliament and when he reached near that place he crashed and he moved out from car with a knife and tried to enter in Parliament but officers stopped him by killing him with bullet.

Defense minister said that they are investigating the case very seriously, they will find the sources that helped him and according to them this is an Islamist related attack while ISIS has taken the responsibility of that attack; according to news.

The witnesses stated that they saw a Asian man with a long knife coming out from the car but investigation officer reported that Attacker was British born 52-year-old Khalid Masood.

After his attack all the incident place was covered by police authorities and announced that public keep a distance from the car because there may be explosives in the car.

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