Logan: Shahrukh Khan Replacing Hugh Jackman, To Play Wolverine Role

Shahrukh khan is busy in the preparation for the upcoming film Logan as he is going to play an important role in the movie as of Hugh jackman, Khan is known by the name of King with great talent of acting present in him.


There are no hairs on the chest of Shah Rukh Khan now days he is doing making efforts in growing hairs on chest once hairs grow up on chest he will ready for the role in movie.

Few days before Hugh Jackman talked about Khan he said Shah Rukh Khan is a great actor of bollywood as his performances in films always awesome a lot, it is going to be excited role for him as well and also for the fans of King Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan always work as Romantic hero of Bollywood first time he is going to play such role in film which is full of action now wait for the arrival of Logan on Twitter many things are going these days as Khan and his fans busy in reading comments and also in writing comments.


Shah Rukh Khan asked why he is working to get hairs on his chest fans said you look awesome as you are, replied it is going to be tough duty for me as well but girls like hairs on chest of Man and it is also the requirement of the X-Man.

Khan said he is happy and fully ready for the role in film only waiting for the hairs on chest after that starts shooting for upcoming film Logan in which he is going to take place of Hugh Jackman fans are also waiting for the film as Khan showing much interest for his X-Man role.

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