Lindsay Lohan Stopped At Airport For Wearing Headscarf

US: Lindsay Lohan said that she got stopped at airport because of headscarf on her head while passing through a security checkpoint they stopped her and check passport, when the open it and read my name and saw my picture then on spot they start apologizing me on what they done.


Lindsay Dee Lohan is born on two of July in 1986 is an American actress and singer as well, she is a famous star traveling almost all-around the world for her projects she said it was done first time in her life that she was stopped on checkpoint at airport.

She said it was a bad moment when the security stopped me and checked my passport and all because of headscarf and immediately started apologizing but after that they said to me but please take off your headscarf.

Lindsay Lohan said I done it on spot because it okay to me but one thing scared me is how would another women how doesn’t feel comfortable taking off her headscarf feel? That thought really shocked me she said.

Lohan was wearing headscarf in just a personal respect issue as she was coming back from Turkey; her she had met President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

A video clip of Lohan’s appearance was uploaded by Good Morning Britain about the incident which was done at airport with her, The Sun a British tabloid also published a video clip in which she was told all story by herself and many other things she said that news was also very much shared on Twitter.

Lohan in few months before spoke out on behalf of Syrian refugees. She traveled to Turkey in January to met Erdogan, there she talked about many things many things discussed there in January 2017.

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