Latest Picture Of Shahid Kapoor’s Daughter Misha She Looks Same Like Her Mother Mira Kapoor

Famous and talented actor of Bollywood Shahid kapoor is busy a lot these days, his life style is totally changed.

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As he said in an interview some time he felt surprised from his changing life style last year he got Married with Mira Rajput and after some time God gifted them with a cute Angle name Misha.

Shahid kapoor is well touch with his fans with social media but as he remain touch with media he did not show her daughter there after a long wait he uploaded a picture of his daughter Mishi with her other Mira both Mother and Daughter was laying on wooden floor that picture was also awesome a lot.

Now recently Shahid uploaded another picture of his daughter Mishi now she was looking more charming as before in her new picture Mishi looks a feature beautiful Bollywood actress as he have a wonderful and talented father who is also a great film actor.

In her newly picture Mishi is just looking like her Mother name Mira Kapoor, she looks like a childhood of Mira mother love her daughter a lot, and Mira herself also said that Mishi is just like me some features look like her father but mostly she is like me.

Picture of Mishi is also on floor in laying position in grey trouser and a t shirt of light green color milk is written on her shirt front she is looking awesome.

She is looking in camera as she really asking to click her picture it is the second picture of the Shahid kapoor’s daughter which he shared with his fans and uploaded on social media as he show a lot of love and fans also response greatly by wishing her long live life prays.

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