Lahore Suicide bombing Attack 13 People Killed, Including 2 Police Officers

On mall road Lahore once again very sad incident happened last night, according to the Pakistan media team we come to know that it’s a suicide attack which was done o mall road because of which thirteen people were killed including two officers of police one of them was D.I.G traffic police his name was Ahmed Mubeen and second officer was S.S.P his name was Ahem Gondal.


According to the Pakistan local media news there was also a big number of injured people, some of the news channels said that the amount of injured people was more than Hundred people, many of them is still in serious condition doctors are trying their level best to save human life’s.

If we take look on time of that bad incident according to the reports the suicide attack time was 6 pm on time of protest which was of pharmacies against Government people of protest was on road to record their protest against government suddenly a big noise blast happened their which took life of many innocent people.

Blast was so noisy and strong that the mirrors of nearly buildings were also broken on blast time everyone was running here and there to find save shutter, but the damage was done in few seconds and many people of Lahore lost their lives which made an upset atmosphere once again in Pakistan.

Mall Road Lahore suicide bomb attack which took the life’s of DIG Traffic Police Captain Ahmed Mubeen was from Quetta.

He got his earlier education from Islamic School Quetta metric from Islamia High School, His school gave us number of talented students.

After completing his education he was selected for the military training academy Sandhurst Commission. Very soon he got progress achievement and soon he was reached the rank of Captain. Meanwhile,

SSP Operations Zahid Akram Gondal was also killed in Lahore bomb attack his hometown was Lahore, He belongs from Mandi Bahauddin District mlkual, however, he was in his residence Safari Villas Bahria Town Lahore.

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