Labor Leadership: Victorious Jeremy Corbyn Won 61.8 Percent Of Votes

Jeremy Corbyn directed with followers in the leadership victory speech on Saturday night by calling the members for inclusive education campaign rather than to abuse anyone. As his victory expected by a huge margin so Corbyn take 333,000 votes.


Labor Leader Jeremy Corbyn speech live to the followers on the particular Saturday night, before the election campaign it considered to be a bigger one victory than usual however, Jeremy take his rival Owen Smith and defeated by a large margin.

Owen Smith succeeded to won the hearts of people of 193,000 while on the other corner; nominee Jeremy Corbyn defeated him by collecting 333,000 votes.

After electing a Labor Leader Jeremy Corbyn held a speech to thank their voters for such kind of one sided victory, he thanked each of 333,000 supporters for their extraordinary support on Labor Leadership Elections.

By taking 333,000 votes in Labor Leadership Election gradually increased his winning mandate from 59.5 % to record breaking mandate 61.8 % from the last September.

Jeremy Corbyn stated in room, their party has goal to give advantage to their supporters which means to stop personal abuse in their party.

He cleared in his speech that rather than to abuse personally his party members they have to work for their supporters to raise the party reputation.

He realized the supporters, they will start inclusive education campaign to raise party fame and this is necessary for this time to meet the need and desires of supporters.

Rival candidate Owen Smith conceded his defeat by saying the party must be unified to won the election next time however, he added a plus point to Jeremy that he entered in election race just because he didn’t know Jeremy Corbyn has same rule and leadership that all are needed.

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