Kuwait Executes Seven Prisoners Including a Prince

Kuwait has executed seven prisoners, considered mass hanging since 2013, though a member of ruling royal family as well a nanny, was among the executions.


Kuwait’s Al-Sabah royal family member Faisal Abudallah Al Jaber Al Sabah was also among hangings, found guilty of planned murder and possession of a weapon illegally. Court sentenced prince to death in 2010 for killing his nephew, was on duty in the Kuwaiti army as captain at time of shooting.

However, two women and five men were among the executions, had bloodlines from five countries, convicted of kidnapping, murder and rape.

A former nanny among hangings, Jakatia Pawa had been attempted to save her life carrying out compassion appeals, diplomatic means but hanged, though she was Filipino, a spokesperson from Philippines government told media.

Jakatia found guilty of murdering daughter of her employer in 2008, although informed her brother on Wednesday Gary Pawa, a Philippines Air Force colonel, about her planned hanging.

Nasra al-Enezi also was hanged, convicted of setting fire to a wedding tent the last year when her husband left her to get second marriage. Although, over 40 people including children, were killed in this fire incident.

Nonetheless, Bahrain recently broke a seven-year pause of executions with the killing by firing crew of three men. Although, a death penalty campaign group Reprieve reported that execution rate went extensively higher in 2015 and 2016 in Saudi Arabia.

It seems to be that has planned to launch sixteen-year-old eligible for execution and a disastrous renaissance in executions all over the Gulf, starts now, Harriet McCulloch, who is Reprieve deputy director, said.

Those who were hanged had carried out crimes at young days and were children, when they had been arrested, while Ms McCullouch urged powerful governments like the United Kingdom must request the region’s administrations to stop hangings.

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