Kokang Region Is Attacked In Myanmar’s Northern Shan State Leaves 30 Dead

More than thirty people died during fight in Laukkai Monday between Special Forces armed fighters ethnic groups near China border after rebels some of them were in police uniform it was a dam surprise attack according to the Monday report.


There was a great tension between government militias in the northern region near china province some people told that they hear the voice of gun shots in Laukkai.

Another report tells that attack was done on three places including police post in which almost five traffic police and more than seven innocent people killed, there was also more than twenty-two burned bodies of people.

The attack is answer to government for their action against Moi Taik region one officer from MNDAA’s Division 211 told VOA the Laukkai.

Some videos leaked of the attack place where the fire fired by the attacker the incident is happened in darkness according to the AFP news agency said in interview a woman told that the shelling and the gun fires started from 1am and remained continued till 8 am means seven hours people heard the voices of attacks.

People are very much in tension as they have no option they want to move from there but it is not possible for them to do so as the border of China is closed as well everyone is afraid and waiting for the some relief as on spot it is going to be impossible for them to think about any other place.

The area of Laukkai and all its surrounding is under the control of ethnic Kokang group from 2009, where’s the Northern Alliance is controlled by KIA include the MINDAA, some people which are member of alliance have yet to join Myanmar’s National Ceasefire Agreement known as (NCA).

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