Kimberley Taylor Become First British Women Who Join Fight Against Isis In Syria

A student from Blackburn is believed to become the first British women who fight Isis with Kurdish forces in Syria, Kimberley Taylor is twenty seven years old and she believe that she can fight as mans can fight and she will become the first British women.


She also use another name for her the name is Zilan Dimar, She is working with a media team to record all the possible news which she can record about their plans and to broadcast their operation as well, she is a brave women she also fight to save her groups from some attacks.

She said that more than two people of protection unit YPG fighters was killed in an attack on a base, and more than one others on the front line was killed, she also said that Isis used its propaganda in reality it killed more than 40 Kurdish fighters in Raqqa Province.


The Turkish government declared the YPG and YPJ as “terrorist” groups because they are attach to the violent separatist groups in Turkey, Kimberley Taylor said that she is doing efforts for a socialist and feminist revolution.

Her recently social media updates shows her interest, she adopt wearing style of Kurdish and also she adopt traditional Kurdish scarves, surrounded by female fighters as they work greatly and push back Isis despite waves of car bombings, battles and counter attacks.


Through a media message which she uploaded on her face book account she announcing her decision to join the YPG in September, she said that she listen about the behave of Isis with the families run out the Syrian civil war in Athens in 2013 had made her mind to start journey to the causes.

She was grown up in Darwen near Blackburn , and moved to Merseyside as a teenager, she studied math’s at Liverpool University and then she start studying business and politics in Stockholm, Her mother told that her studies was uncompleted.

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