Kapil Sharma Is Engaged With A Pretty Girlfriend Named Ginni Chatrath

Kapil is an Indian actor , one of the most successful comedian in the world, is engaged with his beautiful girlfriend and he wants a warm welcome by the world for her.

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He is an actor, singer, comedian and also a producer; he is a man who is known by the world to keep the people in happy mood with his charming personality and comedy shows.

He makes the fun of married people and shows that marriage is a dramatic thing happened to a man in his comedy show and a rational man will never do that but now he is doing this. He is engaged with his girlfriend and both of them are in relation from their college life and now they are going to be life partner.

Kapil is a successful actor and comedian, his best bollywood comedy movies is “Kis kis ko pyar kron” which was his first movie in bollywood history. Ginni is also an actor and Kapil is directed her in many shows and according to news, she will move to Mumbai after marriage.

Kapil said on twitter that Ginni completed him, she is his life and he shows his love for Ginni on social media and wants a warm welcome by others for Ginni.

He will marry to her after the successful release of his upcoming bollywood movie ‘Bank chor’ and his show “comedy nights with Kapil Sharma” is on top but he want to marry his girlfriend after the release of upcoming movie.

He has got a lot of respect from all over the world and his fans are so excited after hearing the news of his engagement and they want to see him as a husband of beautiful lady Ginni as soon as possible and Kapil gave a good news to his followers that he will marry soon may be till next year.

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