Justin Bieber Concert In India Sunny Leone Is Going To Join Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt

May 10 is going to be a great day in India as there is a great stage is going to be set as Canadian pop star Justin Bieber is coming to rock the concert all Indians waiting for the event heartily.


in addition to it they or going to make night more excited  sexiest bollywood actress Sunny Leone is going to be the part of stage with Justin.

All the plans are set properly for the concert arrangements done by Karan Johar’s as he is going to set the stage with justin Bieber with beautiful bollywood actress Alia Bhatt with Varun Dhawan and Sidharth Malhotra are asked to rock the stage with their performance and make the night more charming.


Justin Beiber coming for first time at DY Patil Stadium in Mumbai there are a lot of fans of pop star Justin songs and of his performance as he rock stages with his performances every time everyone is waiting there for the arrival of 10 of May.

Sunny Leone showing a lot of interest in performing there at concert night with Justin Beiber, her interest is not a surprise for the Indian fans as she is famous a lot in Bollywood these going days.

Justin tour to India is a part of his world tour as he said in his interview he wants to do concert in whole world as he already tour a lot of countries this time he is coming to India where he will sing his famous songs like Mark My Words.


As Long As Love me, Love yourself, Purpose and What do you Mean, it’s going to be a mind blowing concert night as everyone is busy in organization of upcoming event of Mumbai

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