Jhanvi Kapoor Dance Video With Her Boyfriend Shikhar Pahariya Goes Viral

Actress Sridevi’s daughter Jhanvi Kapoor’s dance video rocks a lot these days on Internet according to the local news report Jhanvi Kapoor is in a relationship with Shikhar Pahariya and few day before in a party both Jhanvi kapoor and her boyfriend danced in a party.

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The dance video was uploaded on internet by unknown person and also some pictures of Jhanvi Kapoor with her beau, Jhanvi Kapoor is 19 years old and soon she is going to step in Indian film industry as actress.

Jhanvi Kapoor is already famous a lot on social media as has many followers on social accounts. Because of her mother she is already famous a lot in India, mother is on back for support which give a lot of confidence to the young and charming Jhanvi Kapoor.

Manish Malhotra design Siridevi’s daughter dress for that party, she was looking stunning on party night and her dance made everyone surprised now fans waiting for her arrival in film industry she is looking excited as well, Jhanvi many times spoke about her interest in acting.

Watch Video here

Jhanvi Kapoor in that dance movie looking very confident while doing dance with her boyfriend name Shikhar Pahariya according to the local news reports many times both of them was seen together.

Some other pictures of Jhanvi with her parents also uploaded on internet in those pictures Akshat was also there with family which shows the acceptance of Jhanvi’s parents for her relation with Akshat.

Jhanvi kapoor looking talented actress like her mother as everyone saw her dance in weekend party; she is also a fashion star and soon she is going to sign her first film of Karan Johar everyone is waiting for her arrival in bollywood as actress.

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